Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Chillin' at the Pumpkin Patch

A more appropriate title for this post would mention the fact that we were actually freezing at the pumpkin patch! I didn't think it would be that cold as Sean, Jaiden and I piled into the truck and headed for the pumpkin patch last Friday. And I certainly didn't know what to expect, either.... But we were in for a long, muddy hike, some mild starvation, poisoning by noxious smoke and me tearing up my ankles in new "galoshes" because I didn't wear good socks. Ok, ok. We did have some fun. (And I do exaggerate a bit!) We went on a hayride -- my and Jaiden's first. We saw the pumpkin patch, petted some farm animals and ran around an authentic teepee. But the cold wind, the muddy mess and the smoky, burnt marshmallows were not so much fun! Ha-ha! And the piddly little pumpkin Jaiden got to take home was pretty funny. We went on a 5-mile hike up and down steep, muddy hills and tortured our lungs with a dozen smoky campfires for a softball-sized pumpkin?!?! Ah yes. Life's little lessons. Next October, we're not only taking chairs to the pumpkin patch, we're bringing snacks, drinks, comfortable shoes, blankets, gas masks and magnifying glasses ... to see the pumpkins, of course...

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Bethany said...

Hey Beth!!! Courtney has kept me up to date on you but now I can just read your blog. Your little girl looks just like you!! I wish you the best and look forward to reading more.
Take care