Friday, March 13, 2009

Kitchen Dance Party

Jaiden and I have this thing.... We dance. Silly dance. Like no one's watching. Just the two of us being silly girls. Silly Momma and Silly J.

We started this little tradition when she was too young to even remember. I'd set her on my hip and proceed to rock out to CD after CD after CD of homemade mixed tunes. For a time in my life, this activity was very significant. J and I could escape for a while... from everything wrong going on in our lives. It was healing.

Now Jaiden and I dance just because. Because we're happy. Because we're silly. Because we're bored. Because we can.

A few years ago, Jaiden and I were outside our house watching some big spotlights that a new store had up and running to promote their new business. We could see it from our driveway. We could also hear the music. So... we started dancing. And laughing... laughing so hard I had to stop for a moment so I could breathe again. That's when Jaiden said, "Come on, Mommy! It's driveway dance party!"

Now we have "car seat dance party," bedroom dance party," "kitchen dance party"... whatever or wherever we are "dance party." And I cherish every moment of it. I know one day she'll be too old -- too cool -- to dance around with Momma.

So, for now, we just dance....

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Rachel said...

That's awesome!! Ali loves to dance too. Isn't it amazing how innate that is in kids?