Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Author's Tea

I know that I promised vacation posts, but I need to backtrack a little bit first....

Jaiden's first-grade class hosted an "Author's Tea" a few weeks ago in which parents came to get "autographs," pick up hand-made bookmarks, eat snacks and listen to each child (or each "famous author") read his or her book to the audience. It was VERY cute.

All of the books looked very professional -- like real books! They were all large, bound, hard cover books with beautifully illustrated covers. (When I was a kid, our class books were completely hand made.... with decorative contact paper, crayons, markers, pencils and plain, old white paper...stapled together!)

Many of the kid's books were about dogs, tigers, lizards, cars, princesses and shopping malls. So I was surprised to see that Jaiden's book was a story about her mommy, entitled, "My Mom"! (Awwww!)
(My story, on the other hand, was about a family of bunny rabbits...going for ride on a roller coaster. Hmmm....)

A few tears escaped as I listened to Jaiden's little voice read about some of the fun and silly things that we do together.

Here are a few pages to enjoy!

This one shows Jaiden playing basketball (she's shooting the ball at a very colorful basketball goal)... and Mommy is cheering for her!

This page is just darn cute. But I am not sure why Jaiden colored me green. Maybe I was sick in this photo... or I just got back from mowing lawns, so I'm covered in grass clippings. Or maybe it's just green spraypaint.

On this page, Jaiden is talking about us playing a game called Looney Laundry. It's a real game. A board game. It's not some crazy thing I made up just to get her to help wash, dry, fold or put away clothes! ;)

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