Friday, May 1, 2009

The McWane Experience

I recently volunteered to be a chaperon. That, in and of itself, is dangerous enough. But this particular school filed trip was to the McWane Science Center.
Now, Jaiden and I have been there before, and we had a really nice time. But this was a completely different experience.
Just imagine a multi-story building packed with hundreds of loud, bright, hands-on exhibits with thousands of 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade boys and girls -- runny noses, dirty hands and all -- racing around, screaming, crying, tripping, laughing, hitting, coughing, burping, etc., etc.
I guess the kids had a good time.
Me? I should have stayed home.... ;)
At any rate, the photos show Jaiden and her classmates having lots of fun!

Amazing how exciting blocks are when they are not at your own house.

This was pretty cool, but the little boys weren't as patient as the little girls.

Ah, yes, it's not a visit to McWane without playing the giant piano. (Did I say playing? I meant banging out dissonant chords and auditory mush.)

Hmmm... broken escalators on the day the place is completely overrun with little, sugar-hyped people? How convenient.

Fun with sand art on a spinning wheel.

Jaiden made a circle. Ooooohhh! ;)

The Da Vinci exhibit was really cool, but the kids raced from piece to piece in a fuzzy blur of yellow shirts.

Believe it or not, this fish was the favorite of most of the kids. (I think we just need to build a giant indoor playground, lock 'em all in and let them climb, jump, swing and run around until they pass out.)

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Rachel said...

1. I don't envy you. When I take Ali, we're always feverishly trying to AVOID the chaos of school groups. It always seems completely out of control!!

2. The piano is much nicer with two year olds. They're not heavy enough to actually "play" a key more than every 6 steps.

3. The escalators have been out of commission since we've started going there sometime last year. I think it's a conspiracy.

All that to say, I have great, great compassion on you and your endeavor.