Thursday, April 30, 2009

We have BABY caterpillars!

SO.... about a week ago, I noticed that our butterfly treehouse contained some new additions.... hundreds of extremely tiny, mint-green butterfly eggs scattered all over the orange slice and the paper plate that were in there.
(Here is a picture that shows an example of butterfly eggs. I did not take a photo of our eggs with my camera, just 'cause those things were so small!)

At any rate, I didn't think much about the butterfly eggs... until last night. I guess I figured the little eggs wouldn't really hatch.
But, they did.
And when we got home yesterday evening, there were hundreds of teensy, weensy caterpillars crawling in -- and out -- of the treehouse.
(Here is another picture just for reference. Ours our not this color, but it gives you an idea of what they look like!)

So, I spent about an hour or so delicately moving the minuscule little creatures into the treehouse and taking the whole thing outside. Sean gathered some thistle (which, apparently, is their food of choice), and we left them to hopefully chow down.
I checked on them this morning and found (and relocated) several more escapees. I'm not really sure how many will actually make it. But it sure was a neat surprise! The whole butterfly life cycle starting all over again! WOW!
Here's to hoping those little 'pillars make it to butterflyhood!

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Rachel said...

Wow! Fun! And a bit disconcerting to come home to unknown amounts of tiny bugs that have escaped. . .eek. :)