Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Anniv-Easter-Day!

This weekend was quite busy. The non-stop kind of busy that makes you wish for another weekend -- ASAP!
In addition to regular working and cleaning the house activities, I made a cake on Friday afternoon, picked up Jaiden after school and then Sean, Jaiden and I ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant, saw the movie "Monsters Vs. Aliens" (in 3D, of course), and dropped off J at my Mom and Dad's so that the next day Sean and I could mow and spray several yards, come home and change, meet Mom, Dad and Jaiden at Olive Garden for Mom and Dad's 45th anniversary dinner and then head over to Sean's grandfather's house to celebrate the three April birthdays in his family (while Jaiden conked out in the car ... and on the couch... and in the car again). Then we woke up early the next day so I could make a nice breakfast and so all of us could enjoy looking at our Easter candy and gifts and then get ready and hurry to church. There, we enjoyed the service, chatted a bit with family and stopped at the bank and the store on the way home, changed clothes, grabbed the dogs (and the cake) and headed over to Mom and Dad's for lunch to celebrate Easter AND my dad's birthday, which is on Monday. (BTW, balancing Easter gifts, a large cake, a 6-year-old, a purse, a birthday gift and 2 dogs while maneuvering through a work truck full of clothes, supplies, trash and who knows what else, is not an easy task. Items fell. Cakes teetered. Dogs whined. Keys were misplaced. Feelings were hurt. And the clock just kept on ticking!) As soon as the last bites of turkey, ham, rolls, stuffing, veggies, cake and ice cream were finished, we jumped in my mom's car (as to avoid a second helping of work truck insanity) and raced over to yet another house so Jaiden could hunt for Easter eggs. Sean, Jaiden and I stayed there for a few hours, chatting and, yes, eating more food, before rushing back to Mom and Dad's in time to help my grandmother into the car so she could leave. Sean then mowed my parents' yard before we gathered up the dogs (leaving Jaiden at Mom and Dad's since there's no school on Monday) and drove to Sean's parents' house, where we were entertained by some Dance, Dance Revolution on the Wii and by my sister-in-law's trying on of a very ... um.... interesting bridesmaid's dress. Then we made it home, where Sean and I both collapsed.
So... in a nutshell, Happy Anniv-Easter-Day to all!
Wake me up on Friday....

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Rachel said...

Yikes - your weekend sounds as hectic as ours was - MAYBE even a bit more! I feel for ya.
Great pics, though!