Thursday, April 23, 2009

Not Gone... Just Busy

I haven't blogged much lately, 'cause there just haven't been enough hours in the day...or days in the week... etc., etc.
With that in mind, my latest task to keep me more busy than I need to be is joining our neighborhood event committee. Our first assignment is fund raising for our soon-to-be-constructed "common area" (a playground/pier/picnic area for the people in our little community).
We have a great group of ladies on the team, and we brainstormed a bunch of ideas the other night. Hopefully we're on the right track to success. But I, of course, welcome any ideas for neighborhood events, parties, fundraisers, etc.!
In the meantime, let me introduce the event committee:
(And sorry for the poor photo quality; not only were these snapped with my iPhone, they were taken while giggling...!)
In order: Season, Leigh Ann, Paige, Natalie, Cynthianne, Tina (represented by an empty seat, since she "escaped" right before I took pictures) and me

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