Tuesday, April 7, 2009

From Chrysalides to Butterflies!

On our way out the door this morning, I decided to take a peek at the caterpillars... uh, I mean chrysalides.... to see if there had been any changes overnight. Lo and behold, there were three butterflies looking back at me! (Well, sort of; they were really just hanging around... literally!) Now there are only two chrysalides left! They may turn into butterflies today or tomorrow.
Jaiden and I were pretty excited. We gathered a handful of flowers and made them some "food" (sugar + water). I'll have to pick up some oranges and carnations on the way home... that's what the directions say, anyway!
This photo shows two of the butterflies (and the two remaining chrysalides). The other butterfly ventured out a bit and was hanging near the top of the butterfly treehouse. I only had my phone ready, so excuse the low-quality picture. I will post some better photos soon!

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