Friday, April 10, 2009

And Then There Were Five...

Well, we now have 5 beautiful butterflies in our butterfly treehouse! The last two popped out after Jaiden and I left the house on Wednesday morning. And now that I finally dug out the "real" camera, here are a few more shots of our "Painted lady" butterflies!

They are much more active now, spreading their wings, fluttering around and eating! They seem to like the fresh oranges, and it's quite entertaining to watch them unwind their long "tongues" and drink the OJ! (You can spot 3 butterflies in this shot!)

And they'll even sit on my hand for a bit... especailly if I have fresh orange juice on my fingers. FUN! (Maybe that's the secret when visiting a "butterfly farm" -- wear some sugar water or juice as your perfume that day!) ;)

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