Thursday, April 16, 2009

Our Patriot Beginnings

Sean, Jaiden and I attended the Birmingham Tax Day Tea Party yesterday, April 15, 2009, at Veterans Park.

We even brought signs. Here is one I made:

It was pretty amazing.
Thousands of people with hundreds of signs and American flags participated in an event held around the nation... an event meant to show our frustration with issues like: the bailout, over-spending, our economy, unfair taxes, socialism, nationalized health care, illegal immigration, abortion and more....
(BTW, you can see the back of my head and Sean's gray hat in this photo that I pulled from flickr! See us?!?)

Here are some of my favorite sign slogans that we spotted:
* T.E.A. Taxed Enough Already
* Washington D.C. District of Corruption
* Free Markets, Not Free Loaders!
* Socialism: a great idea until you run out of other people's money
* I'll keep my guns, freedom and money; you can keep the change
* Can we bankrupt America? Yes, we can.
* Love your country; fear your government.
* Wall Street got a bailout; All I got was the bill.
* If 10% is good enough for God, it's good enough for the IRS.
* You Can’t Multiply Wealth by Dividing it
* If you’re not OUTRAGED, you aren’t paying ATTENTION!

I don't know if this is correct, but it was said that 7,000 people attended the tea party here in Hoover. Rick & Bubba were there, too, giving live reports to Sean Hannity.

All in all, we didn't throw any tea off a ship in a Boston harbor, and we didn't dress up in costumes and feathered hats (well, most of us didn't!), but I still felt like I was taking a stand and being a patriot... especially when the national anthem was sung. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I stood next to soldiers, veterans, democrats, republicans, moms, dads, children... people who love America and love being American.

God bless us all.
Pray for our country.

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