Tuesday, April 14, 2009

La Fiesta and Shipley's Do-Nuts: The Perfect Combination

Since Dad's birthday was officially yesterday, we went to our favorite place -- La Fiesta -- for birthday dinner! (I could probably eat there every day... and not get tired of the food!)
We told them it was his birthday, so, of course, they got out the big drum and the goofy hat and sang "Happy Birthday" to him (in Spanish).
(Get the feeling we go there a lot? Well, we do, especially for birthdays. Check here and here for more goofy hat pics!)

Here's a picture of dad in the infamous hat...

...and a picture of a picture that they took of all of us. (Yes, it's blurry. It's a picture I took OF the picture they took!)

Sean and I also stopped at Shipley's Do-Nuts while we were in Hoover. (Did you know they have 1/2-off donuts after 5:00? AMAZING!)
And I must say, even though I felt (and still feel) pop-the-top-button-off-your-pants full, Mexican food and donuts make a wonderful meal! ;)

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