Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bye Bye Belly... Hello Iain!

My sister-in-law, Corinne, along with my mom, mom-in-law and friends Season, Stacie and Fran threw us a baby shower on Sunday!
It was SO much fun!

Here we are, all smiles... and, thankfully, not too much belly in the shot! ;)

Here is the baby shower cake... (made by Season; it's supposedly me -- with a much cuter pregnant figure than I'm sporting; it says "Bye bye belly... Hello Iain!"
Isn't is spectacularly adorable!?!?)

Here is the diaper cake... (made by Stacie; complete with our colors, brown and blue, and cute animals all around! It's just the cutest thing! I'd hate to dismantle it! Hopefully I don't have any diaper shortages....)

Here is the food... (made by Corinne and Susie... Deliciously YUMMY, of course! Meatballs, pigs in a blanket, bugles and dip, punch....)

Here are the gifts... (WOW! Thanks so very much to everyone! We are soooooo grateful for you and for your thoughtfulness at this exciting time!)

And here is the crazy diaper-sniffing game we played!
Yes... diaper SNIFFING game.
Thanks to Stacie, who pulled this one off quite well, we had five diapers, each with a mystery melted chocolate inside. We had to sniff the icky goo and determine which brand/kind of chocolate it was.

Yeah... talk about a MIND BLOCK when you pulled this thing up to your nose to take a whiff! ACK! I had to convince myself over and over again that it was JUST CHOCOLATE!!!

You can see that others had some issues with the "dirty diapers" as well. Here is my mother-in-law giving it a visual inspection first!

And here is my mom, diving in -- nose first! (She may look like a pro at this, but the eyes give her away!)

Sean even had a chance to try out his sniffing skills after the party. He was gung-ho about giving it a whiff. But his expression seems to say... "On second thought.... this is a little too realistic for me!" (Excuse his dirt and grime; he was working in the garage all day! He did not get "poo" from the diapers all over his clothing, face and hair!)

For a little after-party fun, we played guess the baby part....
OK. Not really. But folks did have some fun feeling Iain squirming and kicking. Could have been all the sugar I consumed!

And, no, I am not sure what I am doing/saying here.
Something like.... "Mommy eats so much chocolate, perhaps you WILL have diapers like the ones we had in our game -- all sugary-sweet, chocolatey goodness!" ;)

Yeah... right....


Vintage Christine said...

Bama was there in spirit via her beautiful copper chafing dish--I'm so glad I got it from her house so Susie could use it for your shower! Sorry I missed the party but NOT sorry I missed that completely disgusting diaper smelling game--OMG, yuck!!!!

Rachel said...

That cake is AMAZINGLY adorable!

And I saw that game played at Anna Duggar's baby you're in good company!! ;)