Friday, November 20, 2009

Neighborhood Gals at Sips n' Strokes

I got to paint the town red... ok, I got to pain my canvass a little bit red, mixed with some other stuff... the other night when some of us girls from the neighborhood went to Sips n' Strokes! Except for Season, it was the first trip for the rest of us, so Cathryn, Tina, Cara and I were not quite sure what to expect. In preparation, I made sure I had plenty of caffeine and sugar... since the painting fun ended up going waaaaay past my bedtime! ;)

Here we are getting paint.

Here is the blank canvass.... how intimidating! ;)

Here are the works in progress.

And here are our final paintings!

We all had a lot of fun, and I think ALL our paintings turned out really well!

But... I have no idea where to put my first painting ever. It does not match the colors in my house, so it may be relegated to the stairway coming up from the garage.... that way I can paint more pictures that don't match my decor and hang them all there.... in my very own art gallery!?!?! ;)

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