Thursday, November 19, 2009

We're Down With Brown!

I admire my hubby a lot and am proud of him for MANY reasons. One of those reasons is his amazing martial arts skills (said in Napoleon Dynamite voice). Currently, Sean is involved with Aikido... "a Japanese art of self-defense that employs joint locks, holds and pressure points and uses the principles of nonresistance in order to debilitate the strength of the opponent." And he recently completed his test to be promoted from purple belt to brown belt. And, WOW, what a test! Sean was whirling and spinning and dodging and pinning.... (Was that too rhyme-y?!?! Too Dr. Seuss, perhaps!?!) So it was no surprise that he received his belt.

Here is the proud moment... (That's Sean on the left, of course, and Sensei Morgan on the right.)

And here is the moment of belt changing.... which is not quite as proud, since you have to quickly and discreetly remove one belt and put the other on in the back of the class! ;) (He looks kind of giddy here, doesn't he?)

Sean now will be preparing for his red belt.... then on to black (and the coveted -- and respected -- black hakama pants.... which, to me, still look like weird, poofy coolots, or gauchos... a la Hammer style)!
I, in the meantime, am still a lowly green belt. But, pregnant and all, I have been practicing a bit and hope to return one day to test for my blue belt... which is not quite as lowly as green... ;)

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Vintage Christine said...

What a guy, that Seanie. And I know you will pursue your beltage once the baby comes. Good luck!