Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween FUN!

Halloween in our neighborhood was quite a treat this year! ;)

It began with a Halloween Parade, and except for the annoying drizzle on and off in the morning, everyone had a great time!

There were probably about 50 kids dressed up in their Halloween gear, marching down one of neighborhood's streets to a dead end for some crafts, snacks and a costume contest!

Jaiden chose to dress up as a "purple fairy princess." She looked cute as pie and had way too much fun decorating Halloween place mats and pumpkins, eating candy, and, well, granting wishes of course!

Sean, of course, had a blast this year, too. Mr. Halloween was at it again with scary pumpkin guys, ghouls, ghosts and jack-o-lanterns....

He also created a creepy new addition that eerily resembled, well, Sean himself... and a terribly unfortunate run-in with a lawnmower. Literally.

Thankfully it was just a pretend pumpkin-head guy, and his, uh, little accident left us with only some yucky pumpkin guts... see them sprayed out on the grass, coming out of the lawnmower chute?!? EEEK! (That's the number-one reason I put a little Halloween pumpkin bucket in the poor guy's hand.... to make it a little less realistic.... Not sure if it worked. It was still WAY creepy!)

Luckily no one was completely spooked by the silly decor. In fact, most really enjoyed it and had a good laugh at the various "scenes" Sean had set up.

Too, we ended up with more trick-or-treaters in our out-of-the-way cul-de-sac this year than ever before!
So, all his efforts were not in vain!

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Rachel said...

Great pics! Love Sean's decor - hilarious! I'm a bit disappointed that you didn't do a belly painting for halloween... ya know - a pumpkin, basketball, or a full painting of the baby inside?